New work of Azusa Itakura "タオの城 (Tao's Castle)" announced

The announcement of new manga "タオの城 (Tao's Castle)" by Azusa Itakura, who made the cover art of the album "Time Machine", finally appeared in the current 週間漫画Times magazine.
This will be the second series of her work in the magazine. The title gives an impression of Chinese culture, but most details unknown by now, except for this picture and the short legend with it. We have to just watch and wait...


Comments on Pmlw Single

Pmlw Single was made and released on August 28, 2010 for the 93rd Comitia.

I don't remember exactly what I was thinking when I made this. I was under just a spontaneous process of placing and editing melodies and sounds on my DAW. It was basically an automatic writing of the music even on post-processing of the arrangements.

The result somehow lacks a focus, or showing-off things. It was like a weaved textiles.


Phase 2 beginning: moving from Jamendo blog

I just moved from Jamendo's Grünemusik blog to here in blogger.com. Jamendo is good place for me, but the blog system slows down significantly in these days.

Many things are untold, and I'll try to show some of them one by one in upcoming entries.